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Six Flags Great America's Premier Halloween Event


Six Flags Great America does very well for the smaller than expected budget they get from the corporate Six Flags. Most of the other reviewers are talking about a semi contriversal move by Great America to end their contract with the actor's group that was also part of the famous Bristol Renaissance Fair.

The costuming and theming have gotten better every year. There is one house that is steps above the rest, but its still a fun day at SFGA

I'll summarize here what I wrote in a Yelp review....SFGAm's Fright Fest is just sad nowadays. It USED to be incredible, from the themeing to the ominous music played throughout the park. Now, there's no music, the costumed characters are sparse, and the thematic elements are far and few between. Some rides get a Halloween makeover (the indoor teacups are the highlight) but the overall spooky effect has all but disappeared in recent years. Back in the late 90's, SFGAm's Fright Fest was a solid 8/10. It's since dropped to a 4/10 and almost isn't worth your time (now that the Elvira motion simulator ride 'Superstition' is gone). Sad. Just sad.
The park was nicely decorated when I visited, but I didn't like the fact that most of the park's haunted attractions required a separate admission. It would be nice if the park included admission to the haunts with regular park admission like most other parks do. Otherwise, it was nicely themed and great dark lighting throughout the park.

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