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Skyrush reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Skyrush, a roller coaster at Hersheypark. (The minimum height to ride is 54 inches.)

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Posted: July 5, 2013

The Intamin roller coaster opened May 25, 2012 and features a top speed of 75 mph, and a 200-foot drop, as well as a lapbar restraint system that's earned criticism from some riders of this airtime-laden ride.

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I loved this coaster despite the tight restraints. It was the most intense coaster, I’ve ever been on, because of the insane ejector air time, and the out of control bank turns. With no over the shoulder restraints, I was whipped around on this coaster so many times! I was also happy to say that this coaster brought me one HUGE step closer into giving me a idea of what a Giga coaster is like. Many coaster enthusiasts are saying that this coaster is more intense then I305, and Leviathan. 9.75/10. - Joey DeRosa

Awesome first drop! Lots of airtime. Restraints are uncomfortable. Overall great ride, love the lift up the hill. Wish I would have rode it a second time to try the "wing" seats. - Jeff K

This could possibly be the worst ride ever. There are two major flaws with this ride. The lap belt, or whatever you would like to call this poorly design restraint system, was so tight on my legs that after the first time we experienced any G-force from a turn or hill I was begging for the ride to be over. By the end of the ride my friend's legs were actually turning a slight shade of purple due to the lack of circulation. My friend also lucked out on his position of sitting. On the far right, the seat is position in a very unsafe way. On one of the sharp turns, his head hit a metal extension of my seat. If his lap belt would have been any looser he could have been seriously hurt (which was the only thing good that came out of the tight restraint system). The ride was fun for my other two friends. They said it might have been the best ride in the park... but i'm not them. My experience is one that I wish I could have lived without. - billy toole

I went to Hershey Park yesterday and I was highly anticipating the Skyrush as I am an avid theme park junkie. I waited about an hour to ride and I must say it was definitely worth it. I was completely BLOWN AWAY by this ride. It is the best roller coaster I have ever been on and I have been on a lot. I must say I don't understand the hate this ride gets. I rode it three times and only experienced pain from the lap bar on one ride and that wasn't until half way through the ride. I had my hands up the whole time too. This is truly a world class coaster. - Ryan Howard

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