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Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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The Intamin roller coaster opened May 25, 2012 and features a top speed of 75 mph, and a 200-foot drop, as well as a lapbar restraint system that's earned criticism from some riders of this airtime-laden ride.


Skyrush is the largest coaster at Hersheypark. It is a prototype coaster from Intamin where there are wing seats and floor seats. Also unique to a wing coaster are the lap bar restraints. Skyrush starts off with a bang as riders are accelerated up the cable lift hill at 26 feet per second before cresting the top 200 feet in the air and falling at 85 degrees in a series of turns and hills providing extreme ejector airtime, crushing g force, and wicked laterals. This is one of the premier roller coasters in America so next time you find yourself in Pennsylvania be sure to take this one for a ride.
Absolutely amazing, not painful, extremely readable.

Some of the best ejector air ever, rivaling Magnum XL-200, Maverick and El Toro.

I have always respected hershey park as a coaster park. The first time I was there was about four years ago when I saw a specialist in Hershey. Then, I went there two years ago for a school trip and this was open, but storm runner managed to still be semi better. However, I went this year, and could still see some beauty in this coaster. I was amazed by how quickly the coaster goes up the lift hill, and it is even scarier on ride. I really loved the first hill, since this year, I thought I was seriously going to fall out. Of course, the speed is another major feature, but I must specify on one very important element: airtime. This coaster totally took me by surprise when I discovered I was floating out of my seat. It is one of the things that seriously gave me the will to ride it several times that day. It was fairly busy in the morning but in the noon/afternoon, it was getting slow. You would only have to wait for about two ride rotations before you could get on if you chose the normal lane, but once, I got on the front row lane and made it in about ten minutes. I will say that this is pretty much my favorite coaster, overtaking my love of Tennessee Twister. Not perfect, could use a few inversions, but it is very well worth it if you love airtime.

(Several reviewers are stating the restraints are very uncomfortable. The most that happened to me was just my legs hitting the restraints and barely feeling any level of discomfort. Keep in mind, "your mileage may vary")

I love this coaster! However, as of June 2015, "thigh crush" is still an issue. My teenage daughter - average build - would not go on it again because the lap bar bruised her thighs. I couldn't enjoy my first two rides because the lap bar was so tight. However, I learned how to position myself better - I sat slightly slouched AND when the attendant came by, I raised my legs slightly to keep the bar from being pushed down too far. After that, my next nine rides were incredible, even though the tightness of the restraint was still a bit annoying (but no longer painful). Maybe it also helps that I'm slim - 5'11" 165 lbs. As for the rest of the ride: The rapid climb up the lift hill lets you know you're in for something intense. The first drop is awesome and feels steeper than it is. The hills have the most intense ejector air I've ever felt on a coaster, and the rapid twists and turns make you feel like you're about to be thrown off the ride. It provides the kind of intensity I crave in a coaster. For me, Skyrush gets 9.5/10. I would give it a perfect score if they'd develop a better restraint system.

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