Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

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Roller coaster

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Opened July 13, 2012, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars is high-speed, multi-direction terrain coaster.


Liked it. Was expecting BTM but got something better.
It combines Big Thunder and Expedition Everest, and it's a masterpiece.
Begins as a pleasantly scenic train ride, and ends up as a delightfully wild ride. Beyond some nice elements of thrilling surprise along the track itself, the highlights for me were the scenes of the grizzly bears along the way. They add so much to the atmosphere of the attraction, taking it from a fun coaster to a full experience. Like Big Thunder Mountain, this attraction is worth riding by day and by night!
Not as good as Big Thunder Mountain at DL, but still excellent. Needs more animatronics and dark mine tunnels.
I really loved this ride! It's a lot like Big Thunder Mountain, but I like the layout better, and you're surrounded by a thick line of pine trees and Disney mountains, which makes you feel all snug while barreling down the track. Then just like Expedition Everest, you end up going backward for quite a stretch, but then you stop again, and instead of rolling like Everest, you are blasted along a straight away, much like Rock N Roller Coaster or California Screamin'. It was a fun ride, different from any other that I'd ridden, but as has been mentioned before, it is fairly tame. The only thing that prevented it from being perfect was that the track was not super smooth, like 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. That is like butter. This one was great, but not up to those standards.
A new take on Big Thunder that you have to experience!

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