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A 400-seat quick-service restaurant features dining rooms themed to Lord Henry Mystic's travels in Egypt, Russia, Morocco, India, and China. Explorer's Club serves Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Southeast Asian selections.


This was the one restaurant I ate at during my day at the park, and it was underwhelming. I didn't actually know it was quick service, in fact. That's my fault. I ordered the Korean BBQ Ribs, which came with a bowl of rice, a bowl of sweetened red beans, a bowl of soup, and a little plate of sprouts.

The ribs left a lot to be desired. I'm not sure what Korean BBQ is supposed to be, but I can't imagine it's supposed to be what I had. The sauce wasn't bad, but there were far too many bones, and the meat was difficult to get to. The rice was nothing special, and the sprouts were bland. Not that sprouts should knock your socks off, but they had no flavor and aside from decoration, it was an afterthought. The soup was okay. But after having been in Hong Kong two weeks, the red beans were most disappointing. I'd had a bowl of orange flavored black beans earlier in the week at a place that was called Fairwood, I think. They were amazing! I'd never had anything like them, and they got my hopes up. What I had here at Explorer's Club was bland, and the beans felt like they were quartered. The texture was severely lacking. And they just felt like they were beans with some Splenda or sugar thrown in.

Meh. It wasn't terribly expensive or anything, but I don't imagine I'll eat there the next time I'm at the park.

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