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Located right across the street from the main gate to Disneyland Resort.

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Perfect location. Confortable and clean rooms. Professional staff. I highly recomend. - Flavio de Souza

Before I stayed here many years ago, I did a lot of research into local motels. ( Many websites I found with opinions were bought-and-paid-for commercials filled with cookie-cutter commendations, clearly an advertiser's template made to look like a legit opinion site. ) Of the legitimate personal opinions the Park Vue Inn ran very high. Back in '07 I took my girlfriend and kids here for a 3-day tour of both parks and what a complete joy this property was. Having been in the hotel business since birth ( family biz, grew up in it ) I know a good job when I see one. It's clean, it's affordable, their people are friendly and there's a bunch of useful amenities that you wouldn't expect from a lodging place of this size. I stayed there last weekend and enjoyed the newly added complimentary full breakfast in the morning from ( I don't know, about 7am-9am I think? ) and although I missed it they have some kind of dinner from 5-7pm. Perhaps I should just say "clean and affordable" and mention that you can literally walk out your hotel room door, cross the street, and you're at the entrance of the park. These people are pros. - Bryan Fear

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