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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Price Level: Deluxe

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The Lodge offers deluxe guestrooms with African-inspired decor and modern amenities, such as high-speed Internet access, coupled with views of exotic animals roaming the Animal's Kingdom's savannahs. Spa services and recreational activities are also available at this full-service resort, a multiple winner of Theme Park Insider's Award for World's Best Theme Park Hotel.



It's a great hotel. The food is amazing and you get great views of the wildlife from your rooms. I've stayed at the grand Floridian, Polynesian, and the animal kingdom lodge, and the animal kingdom lodge is by far the best one. The only downside is that the lodge is pretty far away from the parks
From the moment we stepped foot in this hotel to eat at Jiko, I knew we would have to return for an overnight stay. This hotel has majesty and story woven into all aspects of its design. The food here is excellent, the views of the savannah offer a unique feature, and the decor is gorgeous.
This is our favorite hotel. Just sitting on the balconies and watching the animals is worth the cost. The rooms are average size but well appointed. I can't get my family to stay anywhere else.
I was there during the EPCOT food and wine festival. Our room only had two drawers. We were there for 5 days, and had nowhere to put our clothes! The bus experience was horrible. We knew that the only transportation was by bus, but it was not magical. I am not sure what I was expecting, but I was disappointed by the ride. The animals were nice to see, but I would not plan on staying here more than one night.
Not the Disney attitude I trained nor grew up with and defenitely not a good start to an upcoming vacation in September! My wife has spent hours of research, over several months, and all the other preparations necessary for that once in a lifetime "Magical" family vacation" to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. Reservations confirmed so airline tickets were purchased, rental car booked and paid for. All that was left was for the upcoming date for it all to begin...... Until yesterday when my wife opened a letter from Walt Disney World Resort Guest Services stating that due to some specific issues the resort has with two (2) of the refrigerator models in their guest rooms that the decision was made to disconnect them from the affected rooms and are awaiting replacements. They apologize for any inconvenience and furnished a telephone number for any to call. We immediately called to inquire if our reserved room with the Savannah view was affected because a kitchenette is incomplete without a refrigerator and we couldn't afford their meal option plan for our entire family. The young man that answered was extremely unhelpful and made us feel as if we should understand that it is what it is. He wouldn't or couldn't offer any solutions nor guarantees that we would, at the very least, be taken care of other than to mention that there is an extremely large refrigerator in some restaurant if needed, as if we could go in and out of their kitchen with out groceries. What kind of customer service professional says this? When my wife asked to speak to a supervisor or manager she would be placed on hold only to have him come back on and say there wasn't anything he could do.This isn't the Disney vacation that we've dreamed of and saved our hard earned money for over a year. We invested quite a bit on passes to the parks and who knows if we can afford to fly cross country again. Anyway, we hung up with no resolution to what would have appeared to be such an easy fix. Compensate for the inability to use a key ingredient in the rental of those rooms. Imagine if the beds weren't available but our room had an excellent view and there were comfortable sofa's in the lobby. . I know my 7 year old wont notice the obvious stress my wife and i are now going through and he will, undoubtedly, have a great time but I cant say the same for my wife and I. It, quite suddenly and dramatically, doesn't feel like a vacation any longer. The Happiest Place on Earth just lost some of its luster for me. Guess we don't have too much choice but to "wait and see" as the person on the other end of the phone alluded to
Although the location is not perfect, we thought the bus service (18 minutes to go to MK) was fast and excellent. The resort is beautiful, great ambiance. We loved it.

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