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Anaconda reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Anaconda, a roller coaster at Kings Dominion. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Posted: June 19, 2009

An Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster with a 126 foot underwater tunnel.

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I thought the loops and corkscrews were fun but the part following the sidewinder was horrible. The corkscrews are so slow that I got some airtime I wasn't expecting. 6/10 - Will Gibson

Load time is quick. It's showing its age because it was a little rough for a steel coaster. We only rode it once because my daughter and I both got a slight headache from it. - Roger S

Drop? more like a 30 degree inclkine - Steven D

It was really fun! I love the first drop and all the loops. Yeah, it is a bit jerky but it is really fun. - Jaret Reveille

I really should've rode this one on my visit. Perhaps I'll get to next time if they don't do away w/it first before I get a chance. - Adrienne McDonald

*ouch* This is a steel coaster? This is an Arrow Dynamics invention? - Jean Seo-Park

Not a horrible ride. a little on the bumpy side and it gives me a headache each time I ride it, but the line goes really fast. - Justin Curtis

The initial drop, tunnel, and loops are a lot of fun, however the MCBR is devastating and severely limits the fun factor on the second half of the course. - James Rao

Although this was my first looper, it hurts like you know what and I don't think I've ridden it since the middle of last season. - Chase Gray

One word...OUCH. It doesn't deserve to have the same rating as Intimidator 305. - Penelope Newman

this rides is terrible, it jerks, the hill is not really all that fun, it reminds me of ninja at six flags over georgia... - bryan shepard

As with most Ron Toomer loopers, I expected to be beat up by Anaconda. I experienced a surprisingly pain-free ride aside from a little hiccup in the track. Not one of the greatest coasters I've been on, but I enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would. - Erin B

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