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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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An Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster with a 126 foot underwater tunnel.


It really is not that bad for an Arrow looper. The corkscrews are surprisingly smoother than Dominator's IMO. I really don't see why everyone gives crap about it. The only downsides i have with this ride are the butterfly maneuver (rough and jerky part) and the duration (1:50, but it really feels like only a minute long).
Overall rating: 8/10
I thought the loops and corkscrews were fun but the part following the sidewinder was horrible. The corkscrews are so slow that I got some airtime I wasn't expecting. 6/10
Load time is quick. It's showing its age because it was a little rough for a steel coaster. We only rode it once because my daughter and I both got a slight headache from it.
Drop? more like a 30 degree inclkine
It was really fun! I love the first drop and all the loops. Yeah, it is a bit jerky but it is really fun.
I really should've rode this one on my visit. Perhaps I'll get to next time if they don't do away w/it first before I get a chance.

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