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Roller coaster

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A TOGO Stand Up roller coaster with one inversion.

Guests must be tall enough to straddle the seat and place both feet firmly on the floor to ride.


I rode it once and thought it was just OK. I'll probably skip it on future visits and not feel like I'm missing anything. At least it didn't provide the massive discomfort I experienced on Mantis at CP.
Uncomfortable. It feels weird but the rehab helps. The drop and loop were great in the back both with airtime. Rest is just not fun, and sadly no airtime on the bunny hills even though you can tell the disparity for some. the brake before turn into station takes quite while to a point where you just stop standing and sit. Waits have gotten worse since rehab. However the loop is quite fun and the airtime in the back on the hill is actually great plus the rehab looks great (especially the station!). So it's worth a ride in the back, elsewhere, no. 6/10
Better than I expected and it was my 1st stand up. The drop and loop was fun but the rest was pretty boring and kind of rough. 5/10
I'm suprised Shockwave's still around. I think the King Cobra parts are what has kept it around. The ride isn't bad, I guess that's another reason. The spiral is pretty good. To this day TOGO coasters seem incredible in Japan, and I have to laugh.
The loop kinda felt wierd, but overall this was a great ride for a TOGO coaster. It may look short and have a very simple layout but it seems longer than dominator when you are on it.

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