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Volcano: The Blast Coaster reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Volcano: The Blast Coaster, a roller coaster at Kings Dominion. (The minimum height to ride is 54 inches.)

Photo of Volcano: The Blast Coaster

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Posted: September 20, 2011

Volcano is an inverted LIM-launched coaster built around a man-made Volcano that occasionally erupts with fire, smoke, and sound effects.

At the start of the ride the train slowly creeps around a corner then launches from 0 to 70 mph in 3 seconds. The train goes full speed around a long flat section of track behind the mountain. As the train approaches the mountain from the rear, another series of magnets blasts the train straight up and out the top of the Volcano. From there, the train circles the Volcano once, makes a right dive back into the mountain and into the brake run. There are three heart line twists while you circle the Volcano.

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Readers' rating:

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Amazing ride and very different ! Can't wait for the update their doing 10/10 - Owen Scott

Best ride in the park! Amazing launch, Roll Out, Turns, and headline rolls. Volcano is a must with it's smoothness and incredible height. Short definitely but Best theming in the park (flight of fear is losing it's theming to halloween crud). 9/10 - Edward Morgan

Great ride! Awesome launch and I loved the roll out of the volcano. The heartline rolls were really thrilling too. I wish I would have got mote than 1 ride. 9/10 - Will Gibson

A fun ride... but this always seems to have the longest lines at KD. The launch is great, and it's really cool to shoot out of the top of the volcano. Nice loops and elements. I wanted it to last longer, though. - Roger S

The LIM Launch out of the tunnel is awesome! - Jaret Reveille

best coaster there, followed by dominator - bryan shepard

Great launch. - Jean Seo-Park

Although I like Intimidator more, I think that the Volcano is KD's most unique roller coaster there. The launch is amazing, I like the flip out of the top of the volcano, and the wrap around the volcano is sweet. Note: longest line in park. - Justin Curtis

One of our favorite rides at KD. We only rode once, as it was not operating all day, and finally by the end of the night it was operating so we made sure to ride! It was so much fun, though seemed pretty short, I thought there would be more time inside the Volcano, but we were out of it pretty quickly. Like someone else said, and my husband also said, we wish there was more to see inside the Volcano. Very smooth ride. - Monica DellaVecchia

Volcano is the best ride at Kings Dominion and is truly one of the better coasters I have experienced. Sadly, the beleaguered beast broke down no less than four times during my most recent visit and the ride ops seemed to be in a constant state of apprehension as to when the ride would break down next. Cedar Fair needs to do whatever they can to ensure the constant operation of Volcano, because it truly is a unique masterpiece worth the price of admission. I would give this coaster a 10 rating except for the misstep of being completely devoid of theming inside the volcano itself. Otherwise, the ride is pure genius. - James Rao

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