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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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Formerly located at Geauga Lake and known as X-Flight, Firehawk landed at Kings Island in 2007. The flying roller coaster takes guests through various elements, including a vertical loop and seemingly-endless twists and turns.

FastLane is available for this attraction.


I really enjoyed this coaster. In fact, I would take Firehawk over the Superman clones. While Vekoma calls this ride a flying coaster, it is really more of a lay-down coaster as you spend most of the ride on your back. This leads to some very interesting maneuvers, and for first time riders it can be a terrifying experience.
Firehawk is a flying coaster, but unlike the popular Manta at SeaWorld Orlando, riders are lowered onto the train rather than raised up. So you start the ride laying on your back, then after the lift hill you swoop over and fly like Superman. What a great ride! I loved Firehawk. 8-Commendable.
The ride is okay if you like the sensation of having to support the weight of your own body for 45 seconds. The wait times for this ride are some of the worst I've seen. Pay the extra and get the Fast Lane passes if you really must ride it, otherwise it's nothing special. (6/10)
There was a long ride from this coaster which appeared to be a result of the rides low capasity and slow moving employees. But the wait was completely worth it anyway! The restraints were secure yet comphy, I liked going up the hill on my back so I didn't know how much more time I had on the lift.. Starting on your back was also more exciting because you had no time to adjust to being in the flying position until you were dropping. Facing downwards in the loop was unique and the transitions were well thought out. I loved it! (10/10)
This is a good roller coaster. It is better than the Superman in SFGADV. I think it is a good layout. I liked laying down for a change. I thought that the loading was too slow. The wait was quite long. 9/10.
This ride is one of my favorate rides in the park because of the feeling of flight. Anoter neat thing is you are going up te lift hill laying down so you dont know when its going to drop a very nice coaster and definently worth the wait

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