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Flight Of Fear

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

Ty Mullins

Photo of Flight Of Fear

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Published: January 19, 2013

A Premiere Rides LIM launched, indoor, dark coaster with four inversions and an elaborate science-fiction theme.

The ride opened as Outer Limits: Flight of Fear in 1996 before being renamed to just Flight of Fear in 2001.

FastLane is available for this attraction.

AJ Hummel
I expected this to be like the Kings Dominion version of the ride, and it more or less was. However, the Kings Island version is inferior for four reasons: 1. less dark, 2. rougher, 3. much stronger midcourse brakes, and 4. no Fast Lane. Other than that, it was the same short, intense, disorienting spaghetti bowl in the dark that Kings Dominion has. Also, this ride seems to have problems with overheating, as the crew was waiting two minutes between dispatches.
Joe Schwartz
Good not great. A great launch. But you do not have an idea which way the ride is going inside. Great to get away from the rain.
James Rao
Flight of Fear is an indoor launch coaster similar to, but not as good as, Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roller coaster at Disney Hollywood Studios. I have ridden the version at Kings Dominion in the past and this one at Kings Island (despite being a little better maintained) is the same. The indoor queue with the flying saucer (left over from the old Paramount days) is pretty cool.

The launch is fun, and the course, outside of the complete dead stop in the middle, is decent. For some reason the lights were on when I rode, which pretty much ruins the experience and makes the darn thing seem very slow after the initial burst of speed. Also, the ride is getting a bit rough, so hold your head back to avoid the head banging effect of the ride. NOTE: I rode again when the lights were OFF, and the ride is a much better, "faster" experience. 7-Good.

Eric Stumpf
Since they removed the over-the-shoulder harness and replaced them with locking lap restraints, it brings FoF up a point and a half from a solid 7.5. Why? The increase in freedom of movement and overall comfort is a huge factor for an enjoyable riding experience. Being surrounded by pitch-blackness leaves you totally disoriented and unsure which way is up. Great fun. 9/10
Edward Morgan
I was a bit disappointed. I felt that it was a good launch then a rough but fun Cobra Roll and Sidewinder. The momentum is killed by the mid-brake. Then comes an interesting sideways drop for about a minute. The best part was the corkscrew afterwards. I felt that it was short and rough. I thought it was a good layout but it was too bright and rough. I could see all the track in front of me. 8/10.
ed shaheen
The best indoor coaster i have been on the theming was also wonderfull and the cool air was a plus!
Bradley Keith
9/10, one of the best at KI and I simply missed it for years; don't make the same mistake. This coaster is underrated big time. The launch is not as intense as it seems from the station offride but the course sure is intense.
Shayne Nissen
Easily the best indoor coaster that I have ridden. I didn't even know it had a loop untill I rode the ride wow exceeded my expectations by far. Flight of Fear is a must ride when visiting Kings Island. This ride is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than Disaster Transport at Cedar Point 8/10.
M. Ryan Traylor
I've ridden the KD version several times, but I must say I enjoyed this one more. I think it was either because the interior lighting was less or maybe since it was a walk-on my eye didn't have time to adjust.
Darrell Weaver
Never go to Kings Island and not ride this ride. This is the best ride at Kings Island by far the only bad thing is the air conditioning makes a longer wait because people want the ac. Dont be a wimp if your 54 inches tall and just ride the ride.
Darrell Weaver
Never go to Kings Island and not ride this ride. This is the best ride at Kings Island by far the only bad thing is the air conditioning makes a longer wait because people want the ac. Dont be a wimp if your 54 inches tall and just ride the ride.
Jamie Bennish
I couldn't tell which way was up. Easily the best indoor dark coaster I've ever ridden.

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