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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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A Vekoma inverted, looping shuttle style coaster, with a 138-foot hill and top speed of 55 mph. The cars have back-to-back seats, allowing riders to face each other.

The ride opened as FACE/OFF in 1999 before being renamed in 2008.

FastLane is available for this attraction.


I'm not the biggest fan of shuttle coasters, so while this was better than a standard boomerang it was still my least favorite coaster at Kings Island. The ride wasn't too rough, but wasn't something I would consider smooth. I do think the seats make the ride and with a standard SLC train it wouldn't be much fun at all.
A very average ride. That is starting to show its age.
Better than a standard Vekoma Boomerang, but nothing worth waiting in line for more than ten minutes – if that. 6-Fair.
A good coaster but NOT good enough to justify the wait times. Approach this one with a FastLane pass and you'll love it... or wait the 90 minutes to 2 hours and feel gipped.
I felt that this was a fun ride. I love the face to face feature. I had a guy crying in front of me! The layout is a big boomerang, but your feet hang. Going forward, it was fun. Going backwards, it hurt a bit. The pain was all in my feet. There wasn't a lot of head banging luckily. 7/10
At first i thought this rde would not be the 30 minutes wait but once we boarded and started going up the first chainlift i new i was in for a show! I loved watching the other peoples face expressions across from me and every loop was awesome another cool thing is it goes back wards which i have never done something like that!
It's actually not so bad. The new paint job looks like Stinger, the blue and green. The ride isn't so jerky and it's really not a headbanger, at least how I found it to be. "Action Zone" has one ride worthy of the name, Drop Tower. Some of the other things have less action then looking at the SBNO Son of Beast.
Horrible ride and it hurts like hell. Never even give ride this ride a try unless you want your neck hurting for the rest of the day 1/10

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