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Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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This Arrow suspended coaster takes riders to speeds of over 50 mph. Flying through trees and over hills, this intense attraction sends riders swinging outwards thanks to the train design.

The ride opened as Top Gun in 1993 before being renamed Flight Deck in 2008. Before the 2014 season, Kings Island renamed the ride again, to honor the park's original suspended coaster from the early 1980s, The Bat.


It's a short, but very good ride for the duration. Although in the back, you can get a lot more swinging with the car but a little bit too dizzy. Rating in back:(5/10); Rating everywhere else (8/10)
As far as Arrow suspended coasters go, Bat is somewhere in the middle. It is reasonably intense, yet tame enough to be a family coaster. The ride also has a good amount of swinging. However, it is a short ride.
Long walk to get to. Slow & boring.
The entrance to the Bat is nowhere near the actual ride itself. Honestly, you have to walk about a mile to get to the coaster. The ride itself is a suspended coaster a lot like the former Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens. Overall it is a decent ride over trees and other greenery, with good views of the nearby Great Wolf Lodge, but nothing spectacular. It seems to have been maintained pretty well, but the long walk to the ride probably keeps ridership down even on the busiest of days. Not a bad ride at all, but not something to go out of your way to ride either. 6-Fair.
When I rode it a few years back it was still called 'Top Gun', which I loved since they had the soundtrack playing in the station/queue, and I'm a huge fan of the movie. Anyways, a decent suspended coaster overall with some good lateral swinging towards the end. The highlight for me was riding it once after a thunderstorm, where rainwater had collected in the 'baggies' that cover up the wheels and train connectors. At the bottom of the first drop, the 'baggies' dumped gallons of water onto me, and I was drenched for hours afterwards. It was a priceless, hilarious moment in my coaster-riding history. 7/10 (for nostalgic purposes)
I have actually said this since it opened in 1993... They should have themed the ride as a return of "The Bat", now (at the time of this writing) rumors are circulating that K.I. is actually thinking about doing this for the 2014 season. I guess we'll see. As for the ride. It's about as good as a suspended coaster can get, it just suffers from being too short. A second lift hill and more track plus elements (perhaps a tunnel or fog) would make this good coaster great (7/10)
Very long walk to get on to the ride which itself is not visually appealing at all. The actual course is pretty tame with no real thrills or sensation of speed, although it does manage to rough you up and hit your head against the over the shoulder restraints.. (5/10)
Good ride but maybe not worth the marathon walk, it is way back there. Action Zone is pretty weak, as of coasters. I see Flight Deck coming down in 5 years or so. It's sad to see Arrow coasters dying off. The trains are in really bad shape with trash bags duct taped to the top by the wheel assemblies and tape on the harnesses. It's like this because there are no replacement parts left. That's why eventually it'll come down.

Kings Island needs a new inverted coaster, maybe a B&M called "Revenge of the Bat".

Anyway, just ride Flight Deck, while you can. It's not a bad ride but like King Cobra when replacement parts run out the ride comes down.

I love this one! It massacred iron dragon! I love cedar point, but this was so much better. It had a lot of swinging. It was very short sadly though. 8/10
Short and sweet short and sweet
Suprisingly was very good. I mean I am a HUGE Cedar Point fan and the Flight Deck made the Iron Dragon look like crap after I rode this ride. It isnt the best ride I've ever ridden but it just surprised me on how good it was compared to how good I thought it was going to be.
This coaster is too short and doesn't have enough elements. BBW and Ninja are far better achievements at this style of coaster. Normally, I LOVE this style.

And the queue?!?!? What a long walk for nothing.

Flight Deck is a verry short but awsome ride. If you really like roller coasters I sugest riding front seat. Sit down and injoy the fun.

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