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The Beast

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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Hidden deep within the woods, America's longest roller coaster takes its riders over 7,359 feet of wooden track as the train dip, dives, turns, and makes its way up two different lift-hills. Riders also speed through three different tunnels- one of them twice. The experience is enhanced at night when the forest is plunged into darkness.

FastLane is available for this attraction.


This is one of my favorite roller coasters. It has great speed, great setting through the woods and an excellent ending with those helixes. It is pretty smooth considering it's a wooden roller coaster. Rating: (10/10)
After my first ride on Beast, I thought it was just okay. Sure, the ride is unique and very, very, very long, but other than the first drop and the helix it felt more like a high speed train out in the woods than a roller coaster. After riding at night, however, I can see why the coaster is so highly regarded. At night, the Beast is, well, a Beast. In the dark, you can't see where you're going, so running out through the woods on an out of control train is a very thrilling experience.
This is still one of the best woodies out there. Rode it in the rain and it was really fun. A super terrain coaster with sweeping curves, great tunnels and two lift hills, on this very long, outstanding ride.
A great wooden coaster that is all about acceleration and speed. Ride in the dark, in the back, and if possible, in the rain for the best experience. 9-Outstanding.
Aside from Holiday World's 'The Voyage', this ranks up there as the best wooden coaster that ever existed. I rode 'Beast' a few times before and enjoyed every ride, but it wasn't until one time I made it the last ride of the day that I truly appreciated its status as king of woodies. Speeding through the forest in the black of night is positively exhilarating. Just as our train (again, the last to leave the station for the day) crested the 2nd lift hill, the KI fireworks show reached its climax. Our train actually STOPPED on the lift hill, as if the ride operators wanted us to see the show in front of us from 115ft up. Words can't capture how awesome that moment was before we took on the double helix. An unforgettable ride; ride it at night for a truly breathtaking experience. 10/10
After 34 years The Beast is still the best rollercoaster (wood or steel) I've ever ridden. Yes it's no longer the tallest and fastest (hasn't been for years) and has virtually no air-time but it does have speed and incredible ride elements/terrain. Last seat/Left side at night is my favorite rollercoaster experience. (10/10)
Best roller coaster I have ever been on- twenty years apart. THe tunnels and hidden coaster accentuates the sense of going fast. My favorite part is the straightaway through the covered area. The vertical upright boards just fly by and is just a great way of making it look like you are going even faster than you are. Fantastic.
My first ride on the beast was in the front during the day time.. I was very disappointed with my first expierence, after the first hill and before the second lift chain was filled with trim breaks and the ride felt more scenic than anything. The second part of the ride was much better though and felt very fast and out of control during the covered, signature part of the coaster. On my second ride it was dark and I went on the back of the train. This ride was much better! It was smoother, felt more aggressive, and enhanced the fact you were rushing through the dense forest. I am giving the ride a low (9/10). It does grow on you. Had it not been so hyped up I think I would have enjoyed it more, it isn't the thrilling expierence you might be hoping for but what the beast offers is so unique you can't help but enjoy.
First things first, the Beast is pretty rough. Son of Beast was my favorite woodie, I can take a beating. If you have any back problems or neck problems or don't have Advil, I wouldn't ride. JK about the Advil thing. While on the beast I always swear to myself I'll never ride it again, and wonder why I ever rode it again, but afterward it doesn't seem that bad and somehow every time I go to Kings Island I have to ride the dang thing. It's really weird. It's all really something you have to experience on your own.

The coaster was literally designed by park staff, so the course is extremely unpredictable. None of it "flows" and is all over the place.

I think this is by far one of the best wooden roller coasters ever built. It is hard to review this ride as it is a ride that is more of a sight than anything. It is the only ride I've ridden that i forget I'm in a theme park at all. This is a scenic roller coaster with a long journey in the middle of nowhere. The first half is beautiful, but the second half is very intense with an amazing helix. Being such a huge fan of airtime roller coasters, I was surprised how much I loved this. My 3rd favorite of all time. 10/10. (Don't believe all of the people who say it is overrated)
I domt get why people say this is a amazing coaster there was nothing that good about it you were on more lift hills then ride the only good part is the end i heard it gets its fame when you do it in the dark and i also heard it takes awhile to actually apreciate it but i dont know its definently worth the wait though!

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