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The Beast

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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Hidden deep within the woods, America's longest roller coaster takes its riders over 7,359 feet of wooden track as the train dip, dives, turns, and makes its way up two different lift-hills. Riders also speed through three different tunnels- one of them twice. The experience is enhanced at night when the forest is plunged into darkness.

FastLane is available for this attraction.


This is one of my favorite roller coasters. It has great speed, great setting through the woods and an excellent ending with those helixes. It is pretty smooth considering it's a wooden roller coaster. Rating: (10/10)
After my first ride on Beast, I thought it was just okay. Sure, the ride is unique and very, very, very long, but other than the first drop and the helix it felt more like a high speed train out in the woods than a roller coaster. After riding at night, however, I can see why the coaster is so highly regarded. At night, the Beast is, well, a Beast. In the dark, you can't see where you're going, so running out through the woods on an out of control train is a very thrilling experience.
This is still one of the best woodies out there. Rode it in the rain and it was really fun. A super terrain coaster with sweeping curves, great tunnels and two lift hills, on this very long, outstanding ride.
A great wooden coaster that is all about acceleration and speed. Ride in the dark, in the back, and if possible, in the rain for the best experience. 9-Outstanding.

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