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The Racer

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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An out-and-back, twin-tracked wooden roller coaster that allows riders to race another train over multiple small hills. It was created by the famous John Allen and is often accredited for starting the second roller coaster golden age.

The trains on the South track ran in reverse from 1982 to 2007.

FastLane is available for this attraction.


I've found this ride at times bumpy, but never bumpy enough that is has left me with a severe headache. It has great airtime, and it gives you a good ride next to the coney island midway.

Rating: (8.5/10)

Racer is not the most exciting coaster out there, but when the ride is racing it may be one of the most fun coasters. It is a fairly average family coaster with one train, but is a top five in the park with both trains running. The coaster probably has the most airtime in the park (excluding Diamondback), and while it isn't the smoothest ride out there, racing your friends on the other train is so worth it.
The racer was not racing the day we were there. Rode it in the rain and this coaster still has plenty of speed. Rode it when the park first opened and it is still a great ride.
Rode the red train first as the trains don't "race" until around noon. Alone, it is not a great wooden coaster, and it is a bit bumpy, but overall, I enjoyed it. Later in the day we rode the blue train (and lost) and had more fun. Racing coasters really need that racing element to be fun. When both trains are going, everything seems a bit more speedy and intense. 6-Fair.
Brutally rough, but a classic. Unfortunate they stopped the backwards trains as a great thrill (on a slow day) was always to ride it FORWARD at least twice in a row FIRST, then hop on the backwards train and when it broke to the right (instead of the left) you literally thought you flew off the tracks. More of a mental thrill, but still a good one. It's a nice 7/10 for a woodie.
A wonderful classic woodie!
7/10. I've never found it rough and the airtime is great. I'm certainly not a heavyset guy or anything but the seats still seem uncomfortable and just small. Otherwise it's pretty good and I still ride it each visit.
Fun little ride that had good airtime and felt smooth to me. The only time you are jerked is going over the top of the second hill but it doesn't take away from the ride too much. I wish the two sides had been racing but I understand how difficult that loading process would be. (8/10)
I thought this was an enjoyable ride, but it has little airtime. The fun element is of course racing head to head. This makes a pretty bland and short layout fun. Just like the Beast, you have to sit in the second row of a car for a smooth ride. 6/10
Its like the parent of the bluestreak!
A bit rough, which seemed odd for a racer.
The Racer is a fun ride but be carefull if the ride was repaired earlier that day wait a few hours before riding again. One good thing is you can just walk on to this ride blue or red car. The best seat on the ride is front seat you feel like you are winning and better than the other car.

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