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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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An Arrow mega-looper that featured more inversions (six) than any other roller coaster on the planet when it opened in 1987. The ride features two vertical loops, two corkscrews, and a batwing.

FastLane is available on this attraction.


This was quite painful. The first drop and couple of loops were alright, but the rest was too much. As I am able to walk back to my computer and sit down, I give this Rating: (6/10)
No, this is not a great coaster, but I didn't think the ride was terrible either. Yes, it is true that the ride has a good first drop and you more endure than enjoy the remainder. Worth riding if you want to experience the original Arrow megalooper.
Do not like the Vortex at all. As with most arrow coasters. This one beats the crap out of you.
I did indeed brave the old Arrow looper, Vortex. And you know what, it wasn’t too bad. Sure, you can’t completely relax and enjoy the ride or you will end up with a headache, but for an older coaster, Vortex still has its charms. I rode in the front seat, and had a decent enough ride, especially since two trains were running and the ride was a walk on. Short waits usually mean decent ride experiences! 6-Fair.
I officially RETIRED from riding the Vortex on my last visit as it beat the living $h!t out of me. Riding in the last seat proved to be a bad choice as my head was whipped back coming out of the first loop and cracked along the head rest's edge. (and I'm only 6 ft tall!) I suffered from an incredible migrane (possible slight concussion) the rest of the day and was miserable. This once great Arrow looper needs to go away for a more modern coaster.
Did not like the vortex very much at all! Rough transitions between the elements and had a lot of head banging moments. Maybe the ride just wasn't running well that day or something, because I typically enjoy rides that other people consider rough. I did not try to ride again after my first expierence although the smooth portions were fun because my first attempt left me with a bit of a headache for the rest of the day. It was dissapointing because from off the ride all of the inversions and realitivily tall drop (at least compared to other arrow loopers I've been on) looked very enjoyable. (4/10)
This was a big surprise. It was a smooth Arrow looper, very rare. It had a very good first drop and turn around, and the inversions were some of the best I've ridden. I love the batwing. It had a very good helix to end an overall outstanding great ride. 9/10. (Sit in fifth car first row)
Suprisingly amazing! I thought it would be a boring coaster but you are upside down alot definently a must if you come to kings island!
It was really scary when I first rode it in 1990. It's still good. I guess I'm just getting addicted to bigger and faster coasters. Still, I enjoy this ride.
It seems like it's gotten smoother these days and now I laugh at rumors that it might get torn down. They'll still get at least 10 more years out of it and even though it's not the best, the course is unique and the speed before the double loops is really unexpected.
What do you get when you combine Loch Ness and Viper? Vortex. A great coaster with elements off both coasters and placed into a small footprint.

It's aging, but I would ride this again and again.

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