The Satelitte

Flat ride
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

Last edited by Derek Potter
A true relic of the past....An Eyerly Aircraft Roll-O-Plane. It was moved from Kennywood to Knoebels in 1954.

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Reader reviews of The Satelitte

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I would have like this ride more if the restraint system had been more confortable. If you are a larger person, ride it alone. It was really uncomfortable for two of us. It is a decent enough ride however and if there is no queue, it is worth doing once in the day. - Elizabeth Gray

One of the last Roll-O-Planes in existence, it's more fun that most of the newest rides out there. As with most Knoebels rides, it's beautifully maintained; if you didn't already know, you'd never guess how old it is. Very low capacity, though; try to get on it at an off-peak time. - Adam Imbruglio

Fun, but a bit uncomfortable. It will throw you from side to side. - Dan Forget