Coasters Restaurant

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Cheeseburgers, fries and shakes


Expensive? It was highway robbery!!! I do like eating at a 50's type of restaurant but would rather have a 1950's type of price to go along with it. All the meals I purchased for myself and my family was very, very dry (and no I was not stuttering). The catsup wasn't even enough to make the fries edible. I ordered a chicken sandwich and it was really dry even with the catsup. At least give me some mayo to make it more interesting. Total price for the meals for three adults and two kids was $65. My nephews couldn't even eat half their food because it was that dry. If that didn't kill the atmosphere of being there, the environment also spoiled the mood. I put my quarter's worth into the song playing machine that is on the table, not the jukebox, and I can't even hear the song playing inside the restaurant. I'd rather go to Johnny Rocket's instead or go to the Chicken Restaurant place outside the park or even TGIFidays and be happy with what the food there.

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