Knott's Wild West Stunt Show

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The Wild West Stunt Show is in fact a very entertaining stunt show that they change about every month.


The new show,"Frontier Feats of Wonder"is fabulous! Just went to see it today (June 11, 2016) on the beautiful newly renovated stage. Opens with a funny banjo pickin' narrator, and delivers good stunt action and even new effects with a climactic explosion. I won't tell ya what happens with that because I don't want to spoil it for y'all. Suffice it to say, this new show delivers and is well worth your time. My only critique is that since the Silver Bullet coaster is somewhat distracting, it would be great if Knott's could add a bit more structure to hide it atleast toward the front where the stage is.
Pretty good show. The stunts and action scenes are sub par, however this show is good for its humor. They tell a lot of good jokes with a lot of pop culture references. Also, they take shots at other theme parks, which I enjoyed ("Disney dollars are worthless!" and "No don't take me to Six Flags!"). Overall, this is a good comedy show, I found myself laughing quite a lot. However, if you're looking for action, explosions, and stunts, this is not the best choice for you
It was ok. I would rather see something better built here in a pretty solid portion of the park. Everything in this land runs perfectly...except this.

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