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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 52 inches

Photo of Xcelerator

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An Intamin accelerator coaster, themed to be flame-emblazoned '57 Chevys, taking you from zero to 82 mph in 2.3 seconds. You launch up 205 feet in the air, then drop straight back down. Adds 2.2 gs during the acceleration.


This ride is amazing. That launch is extremely intense, and has the third fastest acceleration in the US, only behind Kingda Ka and Stormrunner. According to some, it's the best launch in the nation. After the launch, you go straigh up and do a top hat. The drop is really fun- it gives a lot of airtime. After the drop, you do some over banked turns. They're nothing great, but they're a nice touch. Overall, this is the best ride at Knott's and one of the best coasters in the state. 9/10
Launch was AMAZING! Love it. Great job Knotts!
The launch was awesome, the name really fits the coaster well. I liked how much the ride slows down over the top hat, it gives you a chance to look around and it feels like you might not make it all the way over! The next little complementary element was a nice thought but it really did nothing. The funny thing about this ride it the drop is typically where the thrill comes from, but on Xcelerator it is the way up. Best ride at Knott's by far (9/10)

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