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Treasure Falls

Flume ride
Minimum height to ride: 36 inches

Written by
Posted: May 24, 2007

A mini-log flume ride, with a 12-foot drop. Two adults and two kids per log ride around the circle, while watching Lego pirates enjoy their vacation from swashbuckling adventures.

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Reader reviews of Treasure Falls

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pointless... great for kids though.. - N O

A kiddie flume is a great idea, but the cheap sheet metal construction took this down a couple notches. The Lego theming is cute and the water spouting masks at the end were a nice touch, but why the cheap construction material? It makes the ride bumpier and the upper flume has no water, which makes no sense for a flume ride... instead you're gliding on sheet metal which hurts. It's also a slow loader. - Julia Xia

seriously this is like the worst ride ever. yes, i understand that its a kids ride and that kids might enjoy it, but they could've at least made the ride a little nicer. - Chloe !

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