Xtreme Sky Flyer

Drop ride


One to three riders per "flight." You get strapped into a special harness which is then attached to a wire. Once attached, you're hoisted backwards. One rider pulls the rip cord & you free fall briefly (or at least it feels like it), before swinging back & forth at the end of the wire. Initial fall is exhilarating, but the thrill factor drops off steeply after the first return swing. Eventually you slow enough that the ride operators stop you, (with your assistance), and you get off. Worth the price, and you have minimal line waiting as you're assigned a time when you pay. Movies & photos of your experience are available, but less worthy than on roller-coaster rides.

Costs $29.99 per rider
Or $18.95 per person for 3. -- Last edited by Cory Case

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A typical freefall/cable swing that hoists you about 160 ft in the air attached to a steel cable, then allows you an initial freefall followed by a period of swinging back and forth. Single riders, groups of two or three may ride. The attraction requires an additional fee (around $30 for a single rider to $18 each for three riders). Worth trying one time, if you've never bungi-jumped, skydived, etc. After riding this, i've bungi jumped at Vic Falls in Zambia twice (364 ft free fall), and this ride certainly is no comparison to that experience, but still is worth paying for one time. - Chris Eller

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