The Dolphin Lagoon Photos

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The Dolphin Lagoon photo, from
Dolphins jumping in front of guests during their Dolphin Swim experience! While the Dolphin Swim focuses on interacting with, touching, and feeding the dolphins, there will always be opportunities for the dolphins to show off their high energy maneuvers. Photo submitted by Leo Lin

The Dolphin Lagoon photo, from
They do not allow you to take your camera into the water, because the dolphins see them as toys. The trainers show the group some of the hand signs so that the group can direct the dolphin to perform a trick. Photo submitted by R.K Gose

The Dolphin Lagoon photo, from
The trainer for a day allows you to be pushed on your feet by two dolphins. Photo submitted by Elizabeth Nordhausen

The Dolphin Lagoon photo, from
This was one of the Dolphins doing their flips for us! The most amazing experience! Cold, but amazing! :) Photo submitted by Lena Messana

The Dolphin Lagoon photo, from
You ask the trainers any questions afteryour session. Photo submitted by Emma Steward

The Dolphin Lagoon photo, from
The Dolphin Lagoon at Discovery Cove

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