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Temple of the Tiger photo, from ThemeParkInsider.com
Kiril was born on May 16, 2004. He is Temple of the Tiger’s largest cat weighing in at an enormous 552lbs! He also stands 10 feet 5 inches from the tip of his nose down to the end of his tail. Besides being the largest cat, Kiril is also the most vocal and holds the nickname "Mr. Raawrr." Due to his gigantic size, Kiril easily bullies with the other cats and doesn’t realize his own strength. Like most tigers, he is comfortable in water and is very agile for his size. Photo submitted by Dave Kuehne

Temple of the Tiger photo, from ThemeParkInsider.com
Kingda Ka was born on May 16th 2004. He is an icon of the Golden Kingdom and we’re not talking about the roller coaster. He has a truly regal appearance with facial and coat markings that are so stunning they look almost airbrushed. Although Kingda Ka is not the largest cat at Temple of the Tiger, he is the most territorial and confident cat as he approaches most things head on with little reservation as to the consequences. Kingda Ka has earned the nickname "Juggernaut" because he is known to tilt his head down and run through practically anything that gets in his way. Some of his favorite toys include scented cardboard boxes, buoys and sneakers. He also enjoys swimming and will dazzle you as he dives down under the water to the bottom of the pool for things he wants! Photo submitted by Dave Kuehne

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