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Journey to Atlantis

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Flume ride
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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This Mack water coaster debuted in 1998, as SeaWorld's first thrill ride. After boarding, riders proceed through a short dark ride sequence when the Siren beckons riders into the mythical city of Atlantis. But soon, the Siren transforms into a demon and riders are expelled from the temple down the ride's signature waterfall. After a turnaround, riders return to the temple for a final encounter with the Siren/demon, in a short roller coaster segment leading to a final splashdown... and another thorough soaking.


Yes it has problems and is super cheesy (Beetlejuice, really?) this is a pretty decent water ride that feels more at home in IOA's Lost Continent than Sea World.
good thrills and if the story would make sense or at least be easier to follow the ride would be a bazillion times better
The ride functions properly (the log flume and coaster sequences are a blast), but many of the "extras" are just...gone. No video to set the story during the queue. Inaudible initial speech by the explorer (and thus no explanation for why the seahorse is following you). Only a few water jets halfheartedly spray at you while on the dark ride portion; sometimes they don't even get near the boat. No more water curtain. I can forgive the video effects looking dated, and it is most important to keep the core ride operational, but with all the toys nonfunctional, it seems like an incomplete experience.
Actually enjoyed this ride 9/10
One of my favorite rides in all of Orlando (and has been for some time). The queue and surrounding area is beautifully ornate, and the interior sections of the ride are still enjoyable, if a bit outdated. JTA has 3 drops (yes, I said three)--the first is the largest and most noticeable, and the third is part of the "hidden" section that transforms into coaster track. But it's the second (less than 5 foot) drop, during the flume portion outdoors, that will get you drenched. It's an unexpected surprise that gets the whole boat laughing. Atlantis is a theme park classic--9/10.
OK, so it isn't the world's best flume ride or the world's best roller coaster, but I really like this ride! The combination of water ride and roller coaster is really fun, and who doesn't like a little cool-down on a hot Florida day?!
Very good ride. The facade is beautiful, as is the interior dark-ride scenes, though some effects are extremely dated and cheesy. It's also pretty thrilling with the major drop and coaster section. You can also get pretty wet on this one, which is perfect for a SeaWorld ride.
Good ride not better then Rip saw falls at IOA but I love the end the coastet part.
It is a good flume ride but not the best the drop is incredible and the coaster section at the end is a nice surprise.
Great 2 drops in this ride but the inside is ridiculous and extremely outdated! 7/10

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