Journey to Atlantis

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Flume ride
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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This Mack water coaster debuted in 1998, as SeaWorld's first thrill ride. After boarding, riders proceed through a short dark ride sequence when the Siren beckons riders into the mythical city of Atlantis. But soon, the Siren transforms into a demon and riders are expelled from the temple down the ride's signature waterfall. After a turnaround, riders return to the temple for a final encounter with the Siren/demon, in a short roller coaster segment leading to a final splashdown... and another thorough soaking.


I really like it but they should bring back all the old effects.
One of the most odd rides I've ever ridden. The dark ride portion, while ambitious and with a few good effects, just doesn't really work. I got no real indication of what the plot was. The first and largest drop is certainly the highlight of the ride and the outdoor section is nicely themed. I felt that the main coaster section was woefully short and pretty disappointing. I mainly rode it for the coaster credit, but it wasn't worth the 30 minute wait. I'd say it needs a large update, but I'm not really sure what they could do. 4/10
Yes it has problems and is super cheesy (Beetlejuice, really?) this is a pretty decent water ride that feels more at home in IOA's Lost Continent than Sea World.
good thrills and if the story would make sense or at least be easier to follow the ride would be a bazillion times better

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