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SeaWorld's latest version of its iconic Shamu show debuted May 28, 2011 and focuses on messages of education and conservation.


I am going to be honest here- this show is really lame. As the review below mine says, the show relies too much on the video screens. Also, the show has been ruined by the Tilikum incident. Because trainers are no longer allowed in the water with orcas, nothing exciting happens. Back in 2005 when I went, I remember seeing a trainer surfing on an orca. Awesome! But now, this stuff isn't allowed. Yeah the orcas splash their tails and get the crowd soaked and yeah the orcas jump out of the water and splash, but that's really it. And it goes on for 20 minutes. After a while, I got really bored. Overall, this show is bad. I still recommend seeing the show, as it's the park's main attraction, but don't expect to see anything amazing. 5/10
The show relies a bit too much on its large video screens. But you do learn about the animals, and overall it is a nice show.
I haven't seen One Ocean, but my comments are for Shamu Rocks, the night time version of the Shamu show. Shamu Rocks is high energy and the whales are amazing. They also have a good selection of music. A great way to end a day at Sea World San Diego.

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