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Wild Arctic

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Motion Base Show

Robert Niles

Photo of Wild Arctic

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Published: February 17, 2015

Wild Arctic is a motion simulator and film themed ride. Visitors have the option to ride on a non-motion-gyro-stabilizied (motion theater) helicopter, or in a gyro-stabilized "helicopter" (non-motion theater).

You end up in Base Station Wild Arctic, a research facility located in the frozen Arctic enviorment right next to a great ice cap and frozen shipwreck. There, you will see research equipment, frozen shipwrecks, and vast exhibits housing an array of Arctic wildlife, such as polar bears and beluga whales. Wild Arctic has interactive features such as cameras built into the rocks in the animal exhibits to give a closer glimpse of the animals above AND below the water. There is also a 25 foot long ice tunnel complete with foggers, misters, and actual ice! Embeded into the ice are polar bear paws, and inside of the polar bear paws are coins. See how long it takes to get a penny out before your fingers freeze!

Ride time is 4 minutes

Rob McCullough
Gonna get SeaWorld mad at me, but here goes - the ride is absolutely worthless.
That said, the animal exhibits are fantastic. If it is your first time, go on the ride, but don't blame me if you are board silly (choppers don't have whisper mode...I can suspend disbelief only so far).
So - here is my tip...go in the exit...act like a stupid, lost tourist, or pretend you left something inside, and you are going back to look for it, I don't care, but don't miss the exhibit. Amazing.
Just try to ignore the palm trees that are visible above the fake glacier walls ;)
Manny Barron
This one is a classic. The ride already qualifies as "vintage" but its still good fun after all these years. It's a simulator, Star Tours-style, in the arctic. The ride is fun and waits are rarely longer than 15-20 minutes. The exhibit afterwards is a true jewel as well, with Arctic themed animals (polar bears,walruses,belugas). The theming further adds to this charming experience. Do not miss this attraction.

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