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Pirates of the Caribbean Battle of the Sunken Treasure

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Boat Ride

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This all-new version is inspired more by the Pirates movies than the original Disneyland ride. It features a new ride system, with spinning boats, as well as projection mapping and screens to accompany the traditional animatronics and practical effects.


Best Pirates in the world, easily. Be careful not to read too many reviews of this ride, the first time you ride it is the best because you're so blown away by what is going on. Without spoiling anything, I can't wait to see how they take the concepts on this ride and apply it to future ride (not just Pirates).
The absolute winner for 2016.
I seriously can't say enough about this attraction. The effect of becoming submerged in water is unbelievable, the mix of practical effects, animatronics, and IMAX/Soarin sized screens to immerse you is something I've never experienced before. All of that AND each boat holds 30 people, so the lines are not that bad. This was the perfect ride.

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