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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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The Boomerang is the 'first' ride you will come to after you enter Fiesta Texas. This ride is known by other names at other parks but it IS worth the time in line to ride. After being seated the coaster is taken up it's launching hill, backwards. At the right height the train is released and your ride begins. The coaster has tremendous speed as it goes down and then up and into a bat-wing confirguration and then into a loop before ascending up it's 'return' hill. Since the coaster lost it's momentum, the train will be pulled up the hill until it attains the correct height for it's release. Then the fun begins again but this time in reverse. The ride is steel-coaster smooth and it almost over as soon as it begins. Give it a try!!


My first boomerang! This one ran well to. I dont mind theese Boomerang coasters.
Line was way longer than it should be. First backwards inversions I've ever been through. Intensity: 8/10
A long line for a very short ride, It was about as fun as corkscrew at cedar point but packed alittle more of a punch. Dont ride if the line is more then 30 minutes long. 7/10
Typical boomerang. Short but fun.

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