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Gully Washer

Flume ride
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches
The Gullt Washer is one 'wet' ride. Located on the back wall of the park it is always a 'favorite' of the guests and the line can be long. On days with cool nights, like in the early spring and late fall, you may want to ride during the heat of the day so your clothes will have a chance to dry. Also, the more 'weight' (read passengers) in the tube the more 'fun' you will have as the rapids are not as bumpy like at other parks. The added people will make the tube rock more and thus get you wetter!!

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Reader reviews of Gully Washer

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This one WILL get you wet, that is a guarantee. I luv the walkway down to the ride but the only complaint is the revolving platform to get on/off the ride. It's pretty freaky trying to get in/out of the tube w/o anything to old onto for stability...although there's usually someone willing to help me out. Getting in is not as bad as getting out. - Adrienne McDonald

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