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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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This 2,700-foot coaster hits a maximum speed of 60 mph and pulls an estimated 4.5 G's during its one-minute, 15-second trip. This linear-induction powered coaster has an awesome 'kick' as it propells you to top of the track without the use of a chain. You can hear this ride in operation as you walk up to the main entrance to the park. The sound is as if the 'ghost' is calling you to it's lair. It is located across the RR tracks past Sangerfest Halle.


Poltergeist really looks more intense than it is. The ride tho, is very fun! The launch is great and the loops hidden in the mess are super fun. You snake around for awhile until the disorienting corkscrew element. Overal one of the best in the park and a must ride.
Not as good as I expected. The launch didn't seem very fast. By the time I got off I didn't know which direction I was facing. Intensity: 8/10
the ride design was not all that intense but the head choppers were closer to your gead than any other rollercoaster i have been on. the launch was not as fast(not as quik) as dragsters and was kind of boring. not the best launchjed coaster. After the cobra roll and sidewinder the rollercoaster was very slow and boring and had no drops whatsoever. Astroworlds mayan mindbender is more intense than this, and is actually kind of has a layout similar to poltergeist jjust alot slower and shorter(by height)
I can ride this several times in a row. Launch is ALWAYS exciting. Definitly give this one a ride.

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