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Bizarro reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Bizarro, a roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. (The minimum height to ride is 54 inches.)

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Posted: February 3, 2011

Originally known as Medusa and now rethemed as Bizarro, this is not just any floorless coaster, but the world's first floorless coaster. This coaster will throw you through seven inversions, including a vertical loop, dive loop, Zero-G roll, cobra roll and interlocking corkscrews. Its makeover for 2009 includes all new smoke, fog, and illusion effects and an on ride sound system, not to mention a new blue paint job.

As of memorial day weekend, 2009, this attraction is now open to the public

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The upgrade was chessy and prety much a waist of time. Medusa is a very good B& M caster with a great ride without al of the extra sound effects etc. This time around. I did like getting a cool mist. Still a great B&M Coaster that is smooth and enjoyable. Do it again & again. - Joe Schwartz

As of 2013, the ride no longer includes the on-board audio system, but that doesn't really hurt the ride. The ride isn't overly forceful like Batman, Superman, or Green Lantern, which makes the experience a lot more enjoyable. - Mike Brilhart

I really really liked this ride. I rode it as Medusa awhile ago and still remains one of my favorite B&M's out there. Theese florless coasters are really great fun and this one is no exception. - Joey Till

I miss Medusa! The added effects are definitely cheesy and unnecessary, but don't take away from the thrill. A definite must go! - Sarah Durden

The Bizarro editions are nice, though not earth-shattering. My favorite part is probably the strange mist-emitting cylinder between the final corkscrews. The on-board stereo seems like a waste of time though. I think the only time I actually heard it were on the lift hill and at the very end of the ride waiting to go back in the station. I'd also love to know why they haven't ditched the "Mining Company" props yet. - David Kirby

I never got I chance to ride it before the re-theming but I think the effects were a great addition to the ride. Yeah, the audio is kinda cheesy, but I loved the mist in the first drop and the fire effects. I had ALOT of fun on this one, we rode it like 4 times... - Derrick O. Foreman

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