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Green Lantern

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 6 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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In 2011, Six Flags Great Adventure added a 15-story roller coaster named Green Lantern as its 12th roller coaster, replacing Great American Scream Machine.

Formerly stationed at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and known as Chang, this relocated Bolliger & Mabillard coaster stands 154 feet tall and reaches speeds of up to 63 mph. The 2 minute ride begins with a 45-degree vertical drop before sending riders through five inversions including a 121-foot-tall loop, a 103-foot dive loop, a 72-foot inclined loop, and two corkscrews.


Tylenol is very important here. You hurt all over after riding this thing. We waited for 30 mins at the loading platform because they weren't loading the ride to full capacity, and row 4 (the row we were in) was out of commission on one if the trains.

EDIT: Row 1 also sucks.

The park can do without it. Out of the 7 thrill oriented coasters here, this one is by far the worst. The coaster itself isn't bad at all, a pretty smooth ride with enough elements to make it fairly thrilling, including it's height, speed and number of inversions. But the stand up concept makes this ride very uncomfortable and not a very good experience. It's fine for the first 2 inversions, but after that your lower body starts to ache in pain, especially when the coaster goes through bank turns and after the block breaks. It's the least fun out of the bigger coasters and the most painful. I wouldn't wait on a line past 30 minutes for this ride and would not ride it more than once per day. As a ride that's 15 stories tall and made out to be a thrill ride, I'd give it a 3/10. In general, a 6/10.
Theres a reason you sit down on roller coasters, this ride really is incredibly boring, it feels very old, it will leave your head and legs sore from the awful corkscrews. The only real redeemable part of this ride is the initial drop into the loop, after that it's all downhill.


I rode this as "Chang" at Kentucky Kingdom... It is a solid stand-up coaster but bordering on cookie-cutter. The ride would be more pleasurable as a simple sit-down attraction. (8/10)
I have never been on a stand-up coaster so this was very different for me. It was smooth, but my legs hurt quite a bit after and I stood straight and kept my head back. Anyway, I was pleased with the overall ride, but I wouldn't re-ride the same day. 7/10
A standard B&M stand up caster. It has a nice lift hill and the inversions keep you guessing. Still a fairly smooth ride and one worth riding again.
Probably the worst of the B&M's at Great Adventure. The ride starts off pretty good, and the drop, loop, and dive loop are all tolerable. By the mid course break run however, I was just hoping the ride would be over as soon as possible, as my legs were in great amounts of pain from the forces being applied to them. Worth at least one ride, as this is one B&M Stand Up that doesn't produce any head-banging.
I absolutely loved this ride as Chang! Haven't ridden it here yet tho. My home park was supposed to get it at Six Flags Great America. But I must say, Im happy with X-Flight as well. Chang was a great ride that makes me look forward to ridding Riddler's Revenge in a week!
I rode it as Chang. It seems every Six Flags smaller park has one major coaster. At Kentucky Kingdom it was Chang. I am baffled at why any park would think, "I know, a stand up coaster!" "Let's spend tons of money on one of those!" The stand up coaster was a unique experiance, but I am so glad they aren't made anymore. Green Lantern is the smoothest stander, but I don't ride it more than once.
Surprisingly lack luster.

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