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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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B & M offers up this one-mile coaster, with a 215-foot drop and 80 mph top speed. *Part of the Adventure Seaport for the 2012 season*


Best B&M hyper. 10/10
I guess I'm in the minority here. I found Nitro to be a nice smooth ride, but not very thrilling. The only part that provided any kind of excitement for me was the first drop. After that, I thought the ride was good but not great. I just don't get a big thrill out of long floater airtime, which seems to be a staple of many B&M coasters.
Nitro is an amazing experience that EVERYONE should ride. While it may not be as intense as skyrush with its ejector airtime, Nitro is a blast. The ride utilizes floater airtime, so it is a very loose and fun attraction. The first drop is not as great as I hoped, but after the first turn nitro starts its airtime. After a few hills it goes in to a semi-intense helix with a near gray-out. The finish (my favorite part) is amazing. With many smooth airtime hills, you just can't help to not let out a giggle. From the beginning to the end Nitro delivers a Excellent-Perfect airtime filled experience. 9.5/10 :)
Six Flags Great Adventure holds something pretty rare in amusement parks - two roller coasters with every attribute you would want in a ride, combined together to make sheer perfection. Nitro is one of the two rides (El Toro being the other). This gorgeous coaster is by far the smoothest ride I've ever ridden, and has amazing airtime on each of the hills. It's huge at 230 ft tall, and the seats, like most B&M hypercoasters, are the most comfortable in the park. The duration is very long and the line is worth every second. The feeling of being that free while going over the hills is a sensation unmatched in the park. Easily a 10/10.
This is the only ride in all of Great Adventure I would rate perfect. As roller coaster junkie this ride still thrills me after what feels like the hundredth time I've ridden it. There is actually nothing this ride does wrong, from the initial huge drop to the hills by the trees this ride really never gets old and is easily in my top 5 roller coasters in the world.
I'm in the minority but I caught tons of ejector air on this beast yesterday. Last ride of the day, back row with nothing but my butt touching the ride and it tried to lift me out the whole time. Not quite Skyrush but totally different from the floaty Cloud coaster rides I had in the middle of the train with feet on the floor.
Kudoes to this B&M Hypercoaster. One of my favorites. Another smooth ride with a great ist hill. Good Bunny hops and a long scenic ride. One of the best out there. Enjoyed just as much this time around.
The best ride at Six Flags Great Adventure, hands down. I was expecting an awesome ride when I tackled what was my 3rd B&M Hyper Coaster during spring break of 2013, but what I got was a perfect ride with enjoyable floater air, smooth and fluid pacing. Don't skip this one if you're at Great Adventure, or you might as well not even visit the park. Best roller coaster around in my honest opinion.

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