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Nitro reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Nitro, a roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. (The minimum height to ride is 54 inches.)

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Posted: February 27, 2012

B & M offers up this one-mile coaster, with a 215-foot drop and 80 mph top speed. *Part of the Adventure Seaport for the 2012 season*

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This is the only ride in all of Great Adventure I would rate perfect. As roller coaster junkie this ride still thrills me after what feels like the hundredth time I've ridden it. There is actually nothing this ride does wrong, from the initial huge drop to the hills by the trees this ride really never gets old and is easily in my top 5 roller coasters in the world. (10/10) - Matthew Scarinci

I'm in the minority but I caught tons of ejector air on this beast yesterday. Last ride of the day, back row with nothing but my butt touching the ride and it tried to lift me out the whole time. Not quite Skyrush but totally different from the floaty Cloud coaster rides I had in the middle of the train with feet on the floor. - Josh Creel

Kudoes to this B&M Hypercoaster. One of my favorites. Another smooth ride with a great ist hill. Good Bunny hops and a long scenic ride. One of the best out there. Enjoyed just as much this time around. - Joe Schwartz

The best ride at Six Flags Great Adventure, hands down. I was expecting an awesome ride when I tackled what was my 3rd B&M Hyper Coaster during spring break of 2013, but what I got was a perfect ride with enjoyable floater air, smooth and fluid pacing. Don't skip this one if you're at Great Adventure, or you might as well not even visit the park. Best roller coaster around in my honest opinion. - Mike Brilhart

This is my 4th favorite as it has one of my favorite element, long floater air. It was much longer than Goliath at SFOG which I think makes it better. With the airtime, length, and overall perfect experience I give this ride a 10/10. - Edward Morgan

This is my favorite coaster in the world! I love how smooth and comfortable the ride is too. Another great thing I love about this coaster is the amazing capacity! I almost never wait more then 15 minutes to get one ride on Nitro. The only thing I feel like Nitro really needs is a paint job. Overall the ride is a 10/10 for me. - Joey DeRosa

Nitro, when i rode, was really a great expiriance. The only thing i will say is the first drop didnt deliver as much as I hoped. Thats proly just me though as it was rated one of the best steel coasters this year. Its just amazing start to finish and brings you on a real journey to the back of the woods. - Joey Till

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