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Papa John's Pizza reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Papa John's Pizza, a counter service restaurant at Six Flags Great Adventure.

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Posted: November 11, 2009

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(Before reading further, please note that my only experience with Papa John's Pizza was at Six Flags. Therefore, my review concerns solely my encounter with the Papa John's at Six Flags and NOT with any other Papa John's outside of said theme park). This was my first experience with Papa John's Pizza and to be honest, I was quite disappointed. There is a "personal combo" which you can buy that includes a personal pizza (choice of cheese or pepperoni) and a side salad (no drink) for 8.99 + tax, as well as a family deal (4 personal pizzas, 4 side salads, 4 drinks) for 40.99 + tax. I got the "personal combo", whose quality was not much better than the pizzas which come out of your microwave oven. While eating it, my cheese came right off, it didn't even look like it was melted. To be fair, however, the personal pizza is rather filling and one could easily be full with the "personal combo" without even touching the side salad. On the flip side, the side salad is also rather large and simply eating the side salad would also make one full. Juxtaposing the two, the salad looked much more appealing (aesthetically and quality-wise) than the personal pizza. I was so shocked by the lack of quality of the pizza that I even googled "Papa John's Pizza", which looked nothing like what I was handed at Six Flags. I was with two other friends, and their pizzas had the same lack of quality as mine did. Based on aesthetic appeal, the pizza was sub-par, especially for such a well-known pizza chain as Papa John's (the only other ones I've heard of are Domino's and Pizza Hut), but based on taste, the pizza was not so bad. Even so, it would come no where near the taste and quality I could get at the two aforementioned chains. If you've eaten before at a Papa John's and enjoyed the pizza, be forewarned that the Six Flags version of Papa John's may be quite different than what you were expecting. - Joseph Yang

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