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The Dark Knight Coaster

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Roller coaster

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Take a ride on the GOTHAM CITY RAIL as you zoom through the streets and skylines of GOTHAM CITY. As you try to escape the Joker's madness, you will encounter sudden drops, sharp turns, and fast hills. Features animatronics, illusions, fire effects, and strobe lights.


The preshow was good but the rest was horrible. No theming at all. 3/10
I enjoyed the "the attempt at a Disney" ride. It is definitely worth the 15 minute wait it usually has know but let's start out with the outside. This is a terrible part of the experience because in my opinion it is not shaded nor themed. It made the 10 minute outside wait into a 30 minute outside wait, but that is soon over. Then comes the pre show. Oh my gosh, I love this. It is the best part which actually makes the ride 5x worse. It is amazing but I won't ruin it for you. Then comes the inside line. Eh, it was pretty themed. Now what made also was great were the cars and moving system. The cars, first of all were great and very well themed with the broken glass and wild mouse looking design, and this thing loads up like an omni mover, so fast. The ride wasn't really themed well. It was confusing. The turns were not as tight as most wild mice, but yet still tight. Then you hear why so serious see one or too words and also see a building being robbed. After that, nothing. Just dark and hearing the gunfire from the building. And, a few seconds later. It's over. Ah, it's pretty good because it's indoor and tries it's best at being themed. Cool they got Aaron Eckhart on board! 6/10
fun ride, good theming for a Six Flags ride attempt at being Disney, worth a ride or two but its nothing incredible that youd expect from a "Disney budgeted" ride,

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