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Zumanjaro Drop of Doom

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New for 2014, Great Adventure added a trio of 450-foot drop tower tracks to Kinga Ka's tower, making this the world's tallest drop ride.


This is a must ride that is one of the best drop towers in the world. It is almost too much for me though. It's an incredible experience, but the forces and height are so intense that I find myself not wanting to ride most visits. 8/10
Very, very good.
I reviewed this for TPI last year and can add only that it continues to provide thrills but has experienced operational problems on numerous occasions. There has been a slight change since last season: i.e., whereas riders previously got a warning as to when the ride would drop by a slight rocking of the gondolas, when I rode it this season the gondolas dropped without any warning whatsoever and as I was unprepared, this created something of a whiplash effect. Still, as the tallest and fastest drop ride in existence as of 2015, Zumanjaro is worth riding for that reason alone.

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