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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

Photo of Demon

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Demon is a great "1st upside-down coaster" It goes into 3 tunnels throughout the ride, 2 loops, and 2 corkscrews. It still has great theming although some was taken out due to christian extremist complaints. The Demon has received new theming in 2007. Airbrushed flames on it's sign, new airbrushed logos on all 3 trains, and repainted signs in the queue. (The Demon can sometimes be headbanging in the corkscrews but there is a trick.


The drop, loops, and tunnel were good, but the rest of the ride was rough and not too interesting. The ride is just okay in my opinion, and not worth the 45 minute wait it had on my visit.
Ouch this whole design hurt. The harness was also awkwardly shaped and old and flaky almost unsafe.
Demon is pretty smooth when looking at other Arrow coasters out there. It is still one I ride whenever I go to Six Flags. Pretty good for younger kids who are up and coming.
Used to be one of the best rides that Six Flags had. However, as with many of the dated coasters still in operation, time has really taken it's toll. The ride is very harsh on the head and neck. The beating the upper body takes on this ride really takes the enjoyment out of the whole experience. It's not unsafe, just very intolerable at this point.

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