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Six Flags' Chicago-area park gets the chain's fifth coaster named "Goliath," but, again, this one won't be like the others. Opened on June 19, 2014, Great America's Goliath is the world's fastest wooden roller coaster, with tallest and steepest drop for a coaster with wooden components.

Goliath features an 85-degree, 180-foot, 72 mph drop, followed by a zero-G roll, two overbanked turns, taking the fastest and steepest wooden-coaster titles from El Toro at sister park Six Flags Great Adventure.


It may be because this was my first RMC, but Goliath was way better than I thought it would be. The ride has a great first drop and just continues through a series of exciting elements including the very unique Zero-G Stall. Yes, it does end abruptly and is not a long ride, but I didn't think it was too short as many tend to say. No, it is not the best wooden coaster in existence, but it is absolutely a top tier coaster.
Long live RMC! This coaster packs a punch. It's layout is very simple, but the coaster has everything. An awesome first drop lays the foundation for a ride full of positive g's, airtime, and hangtime through it's insane elements. Special mention goes to the dive loop which gives us both hangtime and positive g's in one element and the insane zero-g stall, which is easily one of the longest upside down sections on any coaster (as said by Amusement Today). Overall, this is an awesome wooden coaster. Now if only it were longer...
Another unique coaster from RMC. I like Outlaw Run better, though. Goliath's first drop is 10/10, but I give the rest of the ride 8/10. The zero-G roll and overbanked turns were fun but not as scary or as intense as I thought they would be. At the end of each ride, I had this feeling of wanting something more. My coaster buddy said he still likes Raging Bull better, but I gave Goliath the slight edge. I do like how RMC breaks the mold with coaster design.
Pushing the envelope once again, Great America has built a massive, thrilling, state of the art roller coaster that will get the guests through the turnstiles.

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