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The American Eagle

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

Eric Stumpf

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Published: February 7, 2014

Great family coaster. The American Eagle is a classic double racing wooden coaster that is celebrating over 20 years of operation. SFGAm WILL run backwards blue, but it's ultimately up to the park's discretion to do so or not throughout the year (running that side increases the wear and tear on the train and track).

AJ Hummel
This is a solid racing woodie with a good out run, a shaky helix, and a mediocre return. Honestly, the main problem of this coaster is that it has strong trims. If the park removed these trims and gave the ride a bit of retracking, American Eagle would probably be one of the better racing coasters.
Jeremy Sheley
This has always been one my favorites in the park. The first drop is always a thrill. The rest of the ride is very choppy but still enjoyable. I always leave my lap bar and seat belt a little loose so I can float in my seat.

Best thing about this ride is you can get on within 20 mins even on busy days. Acually takes longer to walk to the line then the stand in line sometimes.

Roger S
I liked this ride MUCH more than I thought I would. It gives a lot of good airtime, and it has a good layout. It can get rough in places, but it's not the kind of roughness that gives you a headache or anything. It's what I like to call "fun rough." Even if you're not a big wooden coaster fan, I'll bet you like this one. I was at the park on a very busy day, and the wait for this was always less than 10 minutes.
Eric Stumpf
I have two words: Backwards Blue. Yes, that side does run, but it's up to the park's discretion to operate it throughout the year or not. A classic racing woodie with a solid amount of airtime. For the most exhilarating experience, ride backwards blue in the 'back' (front-most facing seat, or the trailing row), and prepare for that first drop of 130 feet--it's a doozy. Being hidden in the back, wait times are usually short. One of my favorites in the park. 9/10
Andrew Dougherty
Interesting coaster. I really liked it. Best wooden coaster in the park.
Joey Till
The Eagle is still IMO the third best coaster in the park, behind X-Flight and Raging Bull. The airtime is great on this ride and is often overlooked when rating wooden coasters. This still offers one of the greatest drops anywhere.
Bob Miller
One of the best woodies around wish i could have ridden it backwards Wait time is often short espically if both sides arerunning which usually they are

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