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The Dark Knight Coaster

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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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Six Flags' first themed indoor coaster features The Joker tormenting riders through hairpin turns and dips, while Batman races to their rescue.

The ride is a Mack Wild Mouse coaster, with a ride time of two minutes and an estimated capacity of 600 riders per hour.


Before Justice League at SFOT, this was my favorite six flags ride. Loved the theming. Guess we were lucky because we rode 3 times and there never was any queue.
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I was glad to see that all the effects were working and you were not forced to view the preshow. However, the ride is still little more than a wild mouse in a box. The coaster is fun to ride once, but I wouldn't wait in line for a re-ride and would consider this the park's worst coaster. I'm still shocked people were actually waiting 75 minutes for this.
These type of coasters are kind of fun in a smaller park but I'd expect better at a Six Flags. The biggest problem I had with this ride is it not being dark enough, but for one drop I could see every turn and drop coming so I wasn't ever surprised by a sudden turn.

I was surprised by the water spritzer but even more so by the camera right after. Most people’s pictures will be with them wiping their face off.

I would only go on this ride again if I'm with someone who's new to the park and really wants to try it out. Even my 9 year old son was unimpressed.

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