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The Whizzer

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 36 inches

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First known as the Willard's Whizzer, The Whizzer is a classic family coaster, great for first timers. It is one of the oldest roller coasters in the park and boasts to be one of the few in the country with a spiral lift.


Being a family oriented coaster, the ride is fairly tame, but it's still a decent ride. It did have a 75 minute wait, however, which is far more than it's worth, but if the wait was 30 minutes or less I'd definitely do it again.
I'm giving this coaster a 10/10 for a multitude of reasons. First off, this coaster is extremely smooth for a ride of its age. At no point in the ride will it give you pain of any sort, even when your hands are up. Second, it's a great family coaster. It's intense enough to thrill the craziest of thrill-seekers while still being gentle enough for little kids who have probably never ridden a roller coaster before. Finally, this coaster has great sentimental value to me. It was the one coaster that gave me my strong love for roller coasters when I was only four years old. If it weren't for this coaster, I would have never been the coaster enthusiast that I am today. I have made so many memories on this coaster, and I'm so thankful that it is still operating.
Really smooth fun family coaster. I enjoyed it for the ride it is.
The Whizzer is just a plain fun ride that everyone enjoys. It was the first coaster in the park, yet still is one of the smoothest. Only one like it in America!

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