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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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Originally called Terminator Salvation, after the movie, this $10 million Great Coasters International Inc. wooden coaster features a loading station "fly-thru" as well as on-board sound and mist tunnels.

Six Flags eliminated the on-ride audio from the coaster and stripped the Terminator references in 2010.


Great ride, but the roughness does take away from it on a bad day (even with the Millennium Flyer trains). However, it is awesome if you catch it on a good day.
Dang this thing is rough. There is a lot of brain rattling. However, this ride is still fun. It has a great drop, and the overbanked turns are fun. Overall, I was disappointed by this ride. Although it's not bad, it's definitely far from being the best coaster in the park.
While there are several better wooden coasters, this one at least deserves an honorable mention for the speed and layout. It did shake me up a little bit and it can be pretty loud, but otherwise made for a good coaster. If you have time to kill, go here for a quick ride
I love this ride. It's just so fun!

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