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Colossus reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Colossus, a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Posted: April 8, 2008

For a colossal good time, think big. Take a giant ride on a classic dual track wooden coaster.

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I've ridden on this since it was first built, and even when it had the record for tallest wooden coaster, it just wasn't that thrilling. The layout is uninteresting and the height of it is dwarfed by so many other roller coasters that it just doesn't have much of a selling point anymore. If it was still treated as a racing coaster, that would at least be something... - Randall Peek

The right side was being worked on so the left side was only side open. It was fine til you hit the 'valleys' & ka-wham...hits hard, more like a bad, rough, scraping feel when you hit the bottom. Hopefully they've finished w/the other side & I'd like to ride it again. Other than that, it was a bit long for my taste but good coaster, kinda scary but most woodies usually are. - Adrienne McDonald

Typical wooden roller coaster! It was okay...nothing special about it. I remember that it was in the opening of "Step By Step". One great thing was that there was no wait. - Lisa Jania

A true wooden classic that, in my opinion, is kind of underrated by today's standards, what with the park having much bigger and faster coasters that get a lot more attention. Easily my second favorite ride in the park, next to Goliath. - Bryce Lewis

this ride is good but the turn after the first drop when it turns around, not a fan of it. they should make that turn a little bit banked IMO. - isaiah mercado

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