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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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The first Intamin ZacSpin roller coaster in the United States debuted on June 30, 2011.


This ride depends a lot of weight distribution. When I rode this with my friends, there was about 275 pounds on one side and 95 pounds on the other side. And the ride wasn't that great. The drops are fun, however the ride was a little painful. Also, because of the weight distribution, we did not flip even once. 6/10
This coaster is actually good, but some people really don't like the feeling they get on the ride. The experience does vary based on distribution of weight. It actually does feel fun, but I personally disliked the queasy feeling in my stomach during the ride. I did not vomit but in general, my stomach sort of ruined the fun.
Crazy ride!
Super painful when I went on it, felt like I was going to fall out of my seat. I'm going to try it next time I go to SFMM
One star out of five stars.
Short and intense! If it was longer id puke anyway. Loved started off moving forward, so the I rode the intense portion going backwards. It was a two hour wait but I did the singles line in 25 min.
Good, but much better unbalanced.
This is the only coaster to make me legitimately scream. You feel like you're suspended in the air, then you feel like you are going to fly off the track. It's very forceful around the turns, make sure you lean against the headrest. Not for the weak hearted or weak stomachs. But amazing for the thrill seekers.
I went on a weekday in July. That was my first mistake. I forgot that kids are out of school. My second mistake was not getting a Flash Pass because of my first mistake. End result: Waiting in line for at least an hour on almost each ride.

To the ride itself: When I was strapped in, I was the north(?) facing seat (which mean I was going against the direction of the ride for a majority of the time). Anyway, as we were ascending the ride, it was high up. I don't think it's as high as Goliath's hill but it was pretty much up there (about four stories). As the ride moved, there were a lot of bumps before reaching the first dip to the second tier. The chairs rotated about 90 degrees from horizontal starting position and we could see the ground below. Good thing I'm not afraid of heights, just falling from them. Anyway, those bumps and turns helped our seats spiral up or down before going to the third tier and a stop in middle. There, my feet were dangling; thank goodness I was wearing my high tops and double tied and they never come off. Once the ride continued, it was a nonstop yo-yo ride for thirty seconds before we stopped at the base station where I was almost at a 100 degree angle facing down and almost upside down.

Overall, not a bad experience. Has a fear factor to it. Not as fast as X2 with its swivelling chairs but still a thrill ride that would do well with first time riders.

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