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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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A suspended coaster that flys over the tree's and hills. You twist and turn above Jet Stream(Arrowhead Splashdown), and end at the bottom of the hill. Don't be fooled by the second lift hill, it's not into another drop. Just into the station.


This was my very first coaster at SFMM. It started of with a rude employee telling me that even though I had a PLATINUM FLASH PASS THAT I PAYED $255 DOLLARS FOR MY FRIEND AND I TO HAVE AN AWESOME TIME TO CELEBRATE AND I QUOTE MY THIRTEENTH BDAY AND MY FIRST TIME EVER AT SFMM that my friend and I couldn't choose where we wanted to sit when all the other people in line got to choose where they wanted to sit. So that idiot put me and my friend in the back seat! And off to Head Bumping Town we went! Besides that bad experience, it was a pretty cool coaster, especially the past where you are literally an inch from landing in the water. Also, it really stunk when we had to go up a lift hill just to get to the station. So, this is an ok ride. Ninja deserves three stars out of five.
These reviews have to be joking. This ride is an unique, awesome ride that crushes Iron Dragon.
One of my wife's favorite coasters, Ninja is one of the few surviving suspended coasters. Oh, sure, inverted coasters can give you those thrills that come with vertical loops and such, but a good suspended coaster is a smooth ride with a lot of fun swinging. It is geared more for a family crowd, and as such it is one of the better and more scenic entries at Magic Mountain.
I stated mediocre b/c, like most Arrow coasters of that time, it's real jerky which really surprises me b/c normally suspended coasters are really smooth. Guess it's just the layout but I'd ride it again though definitly. I wasn't totally unpleasant but the hike up that hill definitly was!

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