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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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This B&M Flying Coaster hugs the terrain around Samurai Summit at speeds up to 62 mph. The ride features four inversions, a 124-foot pretzel loop, a 103-foot flat spin, 96-foot-tall zero-G roll and a 360-degree inline roll over. It's a very smooth and popular ride. Ride very early or the line will get very long. trust me


Very fun flying coaster, but be warned: IT IS NOT LOOSE ARTICLE FRIENDLY!! Lost a new iPhone on here, was extremely disappointed Six Flags did not even send an email to say: "Sorry, it is gone for good!" Even my wallet and passport (!!) flew out, but the person behind me caught them midair (whew!). If you wish to ride, be prepared to shell out more money for the lockers.
One of the best roller coasters on the planet, and defiantly the best flying coaster in existence. The entire ride is a blast, but the highlight is the climax: a huge pretzel loop that seems to go on forever. Best ride at Magic Mountain by far. 10/10
My personal favorite at SFMM! It was my first and only flying coaster I've been on. First of all, DO NOT BRING ANY VALUABLES AND I REPEAT ANY VALUABLES ON THE RIDE! I put my iPod in my back pocket and near the end of the ride my friend caught it. If it were not for him my iPod would be lost! Anyway, this is an awesome ride! Very smooth, but the roughest and probably the most intense part of the ride is the worlds highest pretzel loop because you pull a lot of gs. Also, be aware that even though the lift hill takes you over 170 feet high, the first drop is only 111 feet and the drops get shorter from that point. Be prepared to fly at the speed of fear on Tatsu. Five out of five stars.

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