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Twisted Colossus

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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This Iron Horse steel re-track of the park's iconic Colossus wooden coaster opened in May 2015, following Colossus' closure in August 2014.

Here are the specs on Twisted Colossus:


Twisted Colossus is an outstanding roller coaster and is unlike anything that exists elsewhere. The ride is full of airtime and takes advantage of the racing feature by incorporating interaction never before seen on a roller coaster. Some elements, most notably the top gun stall, are things I've thought of but never expected any real coaster to ever have. In addition, this coaster is fairly intense, but not extreme to the point that it is a challenge to ride. The ride doesn't look too intimidating and would be a great "first big coaster" for a lot of younger riders, but I wouldn't be surprised if they would be satisfied doing it over and over, as in my opinion this is the best coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
A nice fun ride although it is a tad disappointing. Compared to the other RMCs I've ridden, it was definitely inferior. While it is a long ride, the two sections themselves are pretty short. The airtime wasn't quite as good as most RMCs although I found the stall and "high-five" bank unique and really fun. Overall, this really is a fantastic coaster that you have to check out. I think it just is really a case of squandered potential. 9/10
This is my new favorite ride at Six Flaggers. I can't believe what a difference this is from the old Collosus, and how smooth the ride is. This is so much fun, if you do one ride at this park, this is it now. Can't wait to ride again.
This is the best coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. This ride delivers a ton of airtime, nice banked turns, a sweet 5 five element, which is even cooler on the green side when you have to twist 135 degrees right, and 2 great inversions. On the top gun stall, you even get some hang time and you get confused what is up and what is down, a sensation you don't even experience on Full Throttle. Overall, this is a great coaster and an excellent addition to Six Flags Magic Mountain's already strong lineup of coasters

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