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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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After ascending the 177 ft. drop, we are treated to a 144 ft. vertical loop, a wide turn to the right, then 2 vertical loops back-to-back, a brake run, then the batwing element. After that, comes the corkscrew. After that we go through some straight track, make a quick dip under the lift hill, then head into the final brakes.


My gosh this one hurt. I usually am fine with older Arrow or Vekoma loopers but this one just killed me. Had a very fun moments but it was mainly just pain. 2/10
I wish I could rate this ride higher, but honestly, this ride attempts to show off a fairly large number of inversions. Sure, those are some pretty nice loops and corkscrews there, but it is a really bumpy ride. It is an Arrow Dynamics coaster, so you can expect that stuff anyhow. If you can withstand a good headbanging, go on. Otherwise, I recommend you pass this by
This ride is always a classic and I really like it. However it's really hard not to bang your head against the overhead bar. But still an enjoyable ride. 8/10

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