Accidents Involving Injury at X

Official U.S. federal and state data on theme park accidents is almost nonexistent. That's why Theme Park Insider users are creating this visitor-maintained database of theme park accidents--to give public at least some information about attraction safety records.

Do you know of, or have been part of, an accident involving injury at X? Report it to Theme Park Insider.

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Verified Incidents

(Even though these incidents have been verified, individual reports might contain the opinion of the persons submitting them.)

4/13/2002 - Submitted by HAPIMS on 4/24/2002

During a 5 hour wait in the X line, 6 people fainted in line due to Heat Exhaustion. No signs of water or misters in line... Water located down hillif you want water, you're walking down hill, so you'd better have partners... Oh yeah by the way Water $4.25!!!

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  • Follow-up:
    I have also witnessed people collapsing from the heat in the queue for X, and have first-hand reports via e-mail from others who had people in their groups who had to be treated. -- Submitted by robert on 6/14/2002

    There is usually a portable lemonade stand by the line for X. Also, you can get free ice water in your Souveneir Cups, so send a riding partner to get some while waiting in line. I'm sure they won't accuse you of cutting in line to prevent dehydration!!! -- Submitted by beave_man on 8/21/2003

    i was in the que for about 4 hours and was sooo bored and i started feeling really dizzy and light headed, so i thought they are bound to have water somewhere, so i glanced up the que and saw nothing.I then noticed a water vender about 300 metres away from the que area. after about another 15min i fainted and was brought to hospital.So bring water with you in the que for X as you ill be queing for a LONG time. -- Submitted by Name Withheld on 1/23/2004

    same with me on X2 last year i almost fainted but luckly I had my last bottle of water with me. A few people in front of me did and others left because of it. so many people complained they turned on 3 missters but thats it. -- Submitted by pokebleach on 2/28/2009

    Unverified Reports

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